Monaro Photography // Northland

Project Description

My new websites now live, big thanks to the brother Karl @ Norf.Norf for building it for me hit him up if you want your website done

– Himi Beckham, Monaro Photography

Monaro Photography is a freelance photography service that handles each project with professionalism and quality. From small personal photo shoots & events to large commercial events, Monaro Photography will help you perfectly capture the concepts and moments you want to keep. Take a picture, it’ll last longer!

We designed a clean and minimal website that lets the photography take centre stage. Using large images and minimal text we achieved a website that directed users straight to the photo content and allowed potential clients to easily access Monaro Photography’s contact details.

Monaro Photography can easily update the website with new photoshoots themselves without compromising the design. We have set up a template so they simply add a title, write a blurb about the shoot, upload the images and click publish! Then the latest album will appear on the homepage and on the portfolio page automatically without any extra work.

Clean & simple for everyone!

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